California Law Business – Top 100 Attorneys

Mark P. Robinson, Jr. is Named to the California Law Business Top 100 — California attorneys who wield the most influence.

California Law Business says:

“Mark P. Robinson, Jr. is best known for his role in gigantic verdicts against Ford and General Motors‚ Robinson also leads the product liability charge on fronts such as faulty pharmaceuticals and tobacco.”

As reported on the Public Counsel Law Center website:

“Mark P. Robinson, Jr. is senior partner at Robinson Calcagnie‚ Inc. in Newport Beach. Recently ending his term as president of the Consumer Attorneys of California‚ Robinson has more than 200 product-liability cases under his belt. He’s the leading attorney in breast implant and fen-phen litigation and co-counsel to Los Angeles County and Gov. Gray Davis in their lawsuits against the tobacco industry.”