Los Angeles Times – Top Ten Auto Product Verdicts

Here are the largest verdicts in defective-product lawsuits against automakers. Many of the awards were later reduced by the trial judge or on appeal.

Rank Award
Year Location
  Case Description
1 $4‚900.0 1999 California
  Anderson vs. General Motors; Malibu gas tank rupture; award was later reduced and case settled
2 368.6 2004 California
  Buell-Wilson vs. Ford; Explorer rollover; awaiting post-trial motions
3 296.2 1999 California
  Romo vs. Ford; Bronco II rollover; punitive damages reduced‚ paid
4 262.5 1997 South Carolina
  Jiminez vs. Chrysler; minivan rear-door latch failure; reversed‚ settled
5 225.0 2002 Texas
  Benavides vs. Ford; Ford F-150 door latch design; settled
6 153.2 1998 Nevada
  White vs. Ford; Ford F-350 parking brake; punitives reversed‚ retried
7 150.0 1996 Alabama
  Hardy vs. General Motors; Chevrolet S-10 Blazer door latch; settled
8 144.8 1998 Mississippi
  Robinson vs. Ford; Ranger rollover; settled
9 128.5 1978 California
  Grimshaw vs. Ford; Pinto rear-end collision fire; reduced‚ paid
10 122.0 2002 Alabama
  Jernigan vs. General Motors; Oldsmobile Delta 88 door beams; reversed‚ settled

The results in the cases portrayed on this website were dependent on the facts of each individual case‚ and the results in any case will differ if based on different facts or law.