With the media spotlight often on “lawsuit happy people‚” it is important to recognize the significant role of honest and dedicated civil personal injury attorneys who pursue true justice on behalf of those harmed by negligence. Since 1978‚ Robinson Calcagnie‚ Inc. has been proud to be civil attorneys who are committed to improving the lives of our clients and creating positive change in our community.

Committed to Pursing Legitimate‚ Honest Actions

Newspapers‚ periodicals‚ television commentaries and magazines commonly highlight outlandish cases involving an investigative reporter or insurance company catching a fraudulent claimant on camera in order to dramatize the misuse of the civil justice system.

At Robinson Calcagnie, Inc.‚ our personal injury lawyers support and congratulate insurance companies that reveal and prosecute claimants with fraudulent claims and lawyers who willingly advocate such claims. Misuse of the civil justice system should not be the only incidents the media releases to the community.

Equally important‚ or even more so‚ are the incidents where justice is obtained for victims of negligence. We hope that for every incident illustrating fraudulent civil actions‚ equal time is afforded to incidents that illustrate legitimate claims on behalf of those catastrophically injured or killed by hazardous roadways, negligent and reckless drivers, negligent health care, or products known by the manufacturer to be defective or otherwise unsafe.

For the many insurance companies that uncover fraudulent claims‚ there are insurance companies who wrongfully deny valid claims. There are HMOs or other health providers that deny necessary treatment‚ disability benefit providers that deny benefits to disability victims‚ and life insurance companies that deny benefits to a needy widow or children.

The Vital Role of the Civil Lawyer

The civil attorney is the non-governmental means of checks and balances; he or she is what stands between the average citizen and multi-billion dollar drug companies‚ manufacturers and insurance companies that are more concerned with their own bottom line rather than the safety and health of the community. By representing injured victims and the families of those who have lost their lives‚ we are able to instigate positive change to create safer vehicles and other products‚ as well as safer premises and ethical conduct.

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