How to Choose a Law Firm to Handle Your Serious Injury or Fatal Accident Claim

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Selecting a law firm to handle your serious injury or fatal accident claim is not an everyday task. When tragedies such as these occur‚ victims and/or their families may have no idea where to begin when choosing a lawyer and a law firm. One place not to begin is advertisements. Often‚ attorneys and law firms with the biggest advertisements have the least experience in actually trying and winning cases.

At Robinson Calcagnie‚ Inc., we encourage those seeking legal representation to take the necessary steps to help ensure they are choosing the right firm for their situations.

Sample Questions for a Law Firm

If you are seeking legal representation, we know you may be having difficulty determining what questions you should ask a potential firm. To help you begin, we have put together a list of sample questions for your reference. The lawyers at Robinson Calcagnie, Inc. encourage you to ask any other questions you deem pertinent to your particular situation.

To view our sample questions‚ click here.

Other Points to Consider

gavel smallA law firm representative’s answers and your first impression are not the only factors to consider when choosing a lawyer. The following are a few key points to keep in mind when selecting a law firm:

  • First impressions are important to juries and should also be important to you. If an attorney makes a bad first impression‚ trust your instinct.
  • Ask the law firm how many cases it has tried to verdict, and how many cases it has tried or settled in this particular area or field.
  • Ask the law firm to confirm if it will be personally handling your case. Several of the largest advertising law firms refer their cases to other law firms instead of handling them personally, like we do at Robinson Calcagnie, Inc..
  • Ask the law firm how many attorneys they have, and about the size and type of support staff. Large cases require the necessary resources and manpower (and womanpower) to achieve successful results. Make sure the law firm has sufficient resources to meet the needs of your case.
  • Ultimately‚ you need to feel good about the attorney or firm you hire.

Making an Informed Decision

The best way to make an informed decision is to gather as much information as possible about a prospective law firm. After you are informed‚ it is important to use common sense and follow your instincts. You should feel comfortable contacting your law firm.

Call for Your Free Consultation

Robinson Calcagnie, Inc. is prepared to help you in any way it can. If you have any questions concerning choosing an attorney or your potential claim‚ contact us at (888) 348-8855 to speak to a legal representative, or to schedule a free in-person consultation.