California Unfair Business Practices Attorneys

Unfair or Fraudulent Business Practices

Despite the efforts of law enforcement, consumers and purchasers of goods and services are continually victimized by false advertising and other unfair or fraudulent business practices. Likewise, businesses themselves can be the victims of unfair and fraudulent practices by competitors or service providers, which can result in large-scale damages and lost profits.

Unfair Competition and False Advertising

California’s unfair competition law prohibits unfair and fraudulent business acts or practices, as well as deceptive advertising. Specifically, California’s false advertising law makes it unlawful to engage in deceptive, false and misleading advertising in connection with the sale or disposition of real or personal property or services. Any person, firm, corporation or association damaged by these unlawful acts may bring an action to obtain an injunction to stop them, and pursue restitution for money lost or gained by the defendants as a result of the wrongful conduct.

Robinson Calcagnie, Inc. has more than 30 years experience in unfair competition and false advertising litigation, representing both individuals acting on behalf of the general public, as well as consumers and businesses in class actions. The firm served as co-counsel for the County of Los Angeles and for former California Lieutenant Governor Gray Davis in unfair business practices actions against the tobacco industry.

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