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The data breach attorneys at Robinson Calcagnie, Inc. are currently investigating claims on behalf of patients impacted by the recent UCLA Health data breach. If you have been affected by the breach, please contact our office to request a free evaluation.

UCLA Health Data Breach Impacts Millions

The sensitive records of approximately 4.5 million individuals were exposed and released when unauthorized individuals accessed parts of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) medical network, according to a press release issued by UCLA Health on July 17, 2015. The exposed information includes the names, birthdays, addresses, medical information, social security numbers, and Medicare or health plan numbers of UCLA Health patients and others. UCLA Health is a medical network that includes the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA, UCLA Medical Center, Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA, and 150 medical offices across Southern California.

According to UCLA Health, the hospital “detected suspicious activity in its network in October 2014, and began an investigation with assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).” On May 5, 2015, UCLA Health determined that hackers accessed parts of the network that stores personal information as early as September 2014.  Although UCLA Health states there is no evidence the hackers acquired the personal information, it cannot conclusively rule it out.

Why is the UCLA Health Data Breach so Significant?

Due to the highly sensitive nature of the data, individuals impacted by the data breach may be at risk of identity theft. The exposed and released information can be used by criminals to steal an identity and commit fraud in a victim’s name. Personal information is a valuable commodity, which can be sold and/or used on the “cyber black market” to file fraudulent tax returns, open new credit, make false purchases on existing credit accounts, and obtain medical treatment. Cyber criminals consider this type of data to be highly valuable because it cannot be terminated, such as in the case of stolen credit card numbers in the Home Depot and Target data breaches.

Credit Monitoring and Fraud Alerts

While UCLA Health is offering limited credit monitoring and fraud protection to those impacted, these services may not be enough to prevent long-term identity theft. Identity theft experts warn that batches of exposed and released information may not be immediately sold on the black market, but rather sold in the future when victims are less likely to be on the lookout for fraudulent activities.

Robinson Calcagnie, Inc. Investigates Claims in the UCLA Data Breach

Federal and state regulations require healthcare providers to protect highly sensitive personal and medical information.  Regulations, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and California’s Confidentiality of Medical Information Act, establish guidelines and standards for how healthcare companies must protect this information and provide recourse for victims of data breaches. For example, if a breach occurs, healthcare providers must immediately and accurately notify those affected.  The experienced data breach attorneys at Robinson Calcagnie, Inc., who have litigated data breach claims against WellPoint and St. Joseph Health System, are currently investigating claims on behalf of patients affected by the UCLA Health data breach.

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If you are a current or former patient of UCLA Health, or were notified that your personal and health information was compromised, you may have a legal claim against UCLA Health. Please fill out the form below or contact our office at (888) 348-8855 to request a free evaluation of your potential case.


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